Here’s my study plan from my bachelor degree at the University of South-Eastern Norway in the period 2015 to 2018.

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Here’s a shortlist of my current project and some of the school projects I had during the bachelor.

Hallo Nabo a social network

Hallo Nabo is a social network for your neighborhood, and it’s also a website build for neighborhoods. I created this website during the SPA project the last semester.

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Scientific project

code | IS-SPA3000V year | 2018 points | 7.5 The scientific project is like a small bachelor. I decided to create a website for my neighborhood in this course. The end product became

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IT project managment

In this course, we had a deep-dive in various project methodologies, tools and skills need to be a good project manager and to be able to deliver a successful project.

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Mobile applications

code | IS-MOB3000 year | 2017 points | 7.5 In this course, we learned the basic of native mobile development. We developed applications for andriod operating system using Java and tooling like android studio. Links GitHub repo for mandatory assignment Code from the exercises in the course

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